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Our philosophy is to pick theme weeks and design our daily outfits using only what we have already. It's a fun, cheap way to reinvigorate any wardrobe without spending a dime!

So what's it going to be? Stripe week? Polka-dot week? Color block week? Join us in the fun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Work Winter on a 60 degree day...

Let's just say, I would have much preferred to meet the sun's vibrant rays with some splashes of color today, but my winter collection is peppered with more black and gray than anything fun and fancy.  Even more concerning than being drab is my propensity to sweat profusely.  With the weather creeping up into the mid 60's, I would pass out by 3rd period if I had to wear a wool sweater.
Here's what I came up with--

The black skirt is one of my favorites, and I realized this morn that I haven't really worn it all season.  The shorts sleeve charcoal sweater allows my arms the breathe, as does the skirt.  While I'm wearing the last of winter with the lifeless black, I'm cool enough to appreciate the warmth of the day.  Nothing says winter like a black boot, so I had to go there, though we all remember from yesterday how I am feeling about boots right now.  It's different with a skirt, though, right?  The necklace is a simple add on for a good measure of fun. 

Thank heavens this is a short week!  I am just hankering for some open toed shoes and pretty pinks!

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