Have Fun With Your Own Clothes

Our philosophy is to pick theme weeks and design our daily outfits using only what we have already. It's a fun, cheap way to reinvigorate any wardrobe without spending a dime!

So what's it going to be? Stripe week? Polka-dot week? Color block week? Join us in the fun!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Iron Chef for Fashionistas

At first, when Katie mentioned this little experiment to me, it seemed like I'd have to do an instant run to the mall.

"Let's do rainbow week," she had said.  "Red Monday, Orange Tuesday..." and so on.

"Fun!" was my response.  I really liked the idea of planning out my clothes with my friends.  I didn't think of it as an opportunity to save money.

So I went and grabbed a cheap but cute orange sweater at Marshall's, along with a nifty little yellow and grey knit top, too.

Hey, I didn't have orange and yellow!

Then, once I wore them and we talked about it, I saw that I had the idea all wrong.

This was so that we could save money, not spend it!

Since then, we've done sweater week, polka dot week, blazer week, and bold accessory week.

And I haven't spent a dime.

My outfits have been cute each day, and I'm wearing things I haven't worn in a long time!  It's a fun little game, challenging yourself to make a great outfit with limited ingredients.


So join us on the chopping block, won't you?

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